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Posted on: March 21st, 2015 by wp-indigo

Set within the western ghats of Maharashtra, Radhanagri is a picturesque forested setting known also because of the famous Radhanagri dam built by the British. The Ingle family owns a small bungalow that was once a British engineers site residence during the construction of the dam. The project brief was to renovate and repair this facility and make it rentable to initiate their hospitality business in the area.

An old garage cum store-house was renovated to house two rooms with attached toilets, a dining area and a kitchen. Additional facilities for storage and living spaces for their staff was part of the brief.

The images outline the process of restoring the facility using minimal resources and yet retaining and enhancing the character of the place.


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Kensville, near Nalsarovar, 40 kms south-west of Ahmedabad is the proposed location for this ayurveda centre. The proposed project aims to create for the first time in Gujarat, a center for Ayurveda which offers treatments that blend together the virtues of serious curative ayurveda procedures stressing fundamental need to relax and rejuvenate. It aims to offer a variety of packages for patrons to avail of sustained treatments as well as short stay and single day packages.
Located a short distance from Ahmedabad, and being part of the newly developed local golfing housing community at Kensville, it will cater to the needs of members as well as visitors from all over India and abroad.

The world renowned institution ‘Punarnava’ based in Coimbatore with centers in Pallakad, Kerela, will be the provider of all treatments and know-how to Kensville Ayurveda Centre. This centre aims to set higher benchmarks of treatment quality with well trained therapists and recognized physicians as well as visiting ayurveda experts from all over the world, offering their time and expertise to this centre on a regular basis.