The indigo architects studio is located in Shilaj Ahmedabad. The design strategy employed in the studio is a reflection of our desire to function in an environment where we could be ourselves. In-effect this is the antithesis of the corporate functional and aesthetic ‘monoculture’ that we find difficult to relate to.

A quite inward looking work environment was created to selectively cut out the happenings outside. Treated as an integrated introverted volume, its simple monolithic structure blanks out the heat gain sides on the south and west and controls exposure to the east using fixed wooden louvers, operable bamboo screens and glass as a strategy. Straddling two levels, the ground floor rises to meet the extensive plinth of the temple beyond on the upper level. This spatial response is interesting at two levels. One is the sense of expansion while the second is the social inclusiveness. Indeed almost all the events and interactions at the temple and its space are part of our daily experience at work.

Using lime in construction at indigo studio was also a pilot project aimed to better understand its virtues. Lime processes deployed in its making were zealously documented to set up standards for further interventions on other projects. Lime processes were zealously simulated based on traditional practices from various resources. Traditional methods for slaking, preparation of mortars and plasters were developed with an aim to setting up standards for the use of lime in Ahmedabad and make it viable for use in urban environments.

The use of lime fly-ash bricks, lime mortar and external lime plaster with barium sulphate additive roof top cooling pipes draining the heat back to our ground water harvesting tank, an evaporative cooler mounted in the stair core, split air-conditioners in the working zones to control humidity and turbo ventilators with daylight sum up our simple and effective climate control strategy.

Client : Indigo Studio
Location : Ahmedabad
Architects : Uday Andhare & Mausami Andhare, indigo architects, Ahmedabad,
Design Team : Uday Andhare, Mausami Andhare, Tejas Jasani
Consultants : Ami Engineers
Civil Engineers : Maitri Constructions
Photo Credits : Uday Andhare