The architectural design of this house with its straight lines and simple volumes addresses a ‘contemporary outlook’ with an emphasis on easy maintainability. The architectural feature of this house is an attempt to unify the front entrance court with the lush back garden through a thoughtful arrangement of spaces.

• Landscaped entrance courtyard between the main entrance and the street that screens inner areas with a well defined compound wall.
• An open free plan with a partial double height visually unifies the living room, the dining and the landscaped court with the rear garden. One can sense the entire depth of the plot diagonally from these spaces which creates a sense of openness and allows free movement of breeze.
• The dining and living space is designed to be the central focal point of the house, where families spend most of their time together.
• Two bedrooms located at the lower level along with a ‘pooja room’ address the needs of senior members of the family.
• Three bedroom suites at the upper floor, share a family room which is visually connected with the dining and living area below.

Climate / environmental features

• In built storage areas are used to thermally protect the walls from the sun and minimize heat gain.
• Services areas such as toilets and ducts are placed so as to shield the inner living space from heat.
• Windows are protected with deep recesses to cut heat and direct sun thereby improving comfort levels within.
• All rooms have been designed to provide cross ventilation and provide optimum day light within.
• Passive cooling rooftop extractors are placed in the double volume to enhance air circulation and extract warm air from within the building at all times.
• Appropriate low water consuming tree / shrub types shall be planted in the courtyard and the periphery that provide shade and have aesthetic appeal.
• Rain water harvesting tank of 25,000 lit for drinking water.*(optional)
• Composting pit for recycling kitchen waste in rear garden.
• Designated space for a desert cooler to cool the living / dining area during harsh summers and reduce dependence on conventional air conditioners.
• Roof top insulation to minimize heat gain.

Client : Parishkar
Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Architects : indigo architects, Ahmedabad
Design Team : Uday Andhare & Mausami Andhare, Mitesh Panchal
Consultants : Mr. V.R Shah, Ahmedabad
Completion Year : un-built
Photo Credits : Uday Andhare