We have positioned our efforts, in the context of our time, which is replete with great contrasts and immense opportunities. Physical, social and cultural contexts define the generative tools for design that give clues to transform the commonplace, into a distinctive experience.

A judicial use of resources is the need of the hour, putting sustainable design solutions at the forefront of a concerted, frugal approach. For on one hand, rapid and haphazard development in the cities is putting the existing infrastructure under a severe strain, and on the other, smaller towns and villages continue to suffer age-old neglect, in the area of planned growth and quality of construction. … And architecture has the power to effect change, of course..

The question is about being effective in various contexts, urban, rural, big or small, private or public; it is imperative for us to give utmost care and dignity to the smallest of needs.

indigo architects is a collaborative studio practice, headed by Mausami and Uday Andhare, supported by a team of young professionals. We follow an integrated design approach incorporating architectural design, landscape planning and interior design into its fold. The design process seeks to resolve the various paradoxes between client needs and affordability, site conditions and programmatic dictates through intensive analyses, explorations, study models and sketches.

The search is for a contemporary rootedness in an ever-changing pluralistic milieu. Re-integration of traditional wisdom in construction, respect for water and natural resources, by identifying native genius; is vital to our work.

Expressiveness rooted in these sensibilities can result in an appropriate architecture that belongs to its time and place.