Cottons Boutique


The Ahmedabad boutique store for Cottons is now housed in a remodeled 80’s bungalow in the western part of Ahmedabad.

Set within a dense residential neighborhood with apartments all around, this little dwelling could almost be missed. The defining edge along the street is a tall textured wall of white plaster and pebble-crete, punctuated by a singular opening, a tree, and a shop window. This leads into a well scaled green and quiet forecourt.

The axial connect with the interior from the street, enhances the flow of space, opening up to the visually enriching experience of colorful merchandise stacked or hung on spartan walls. An eclectic collection of wares, takes over and defines its own realm with a ceiling mounted grid of simple lights.  The dark ceiling and white walls scale the space, while the continuous flow is enhanced by fine china mosaic in the floor.

Judicious use of materials and simple display systems, recycled from the old Cottons shop coupled with, waste pine wood panels from packaging crates, gives it a warm and an informal feel.

Client : Tinkara retail pvt ltd
Location : Ahmedabad
Architects : Uday Andhare & Mausami Andhare, indigo architects, Ahmedabad
Design Team : Bhuvnesh Soni, Milind Mistry
Consultants : Ami Engineers, Ahmedabad
Building Area : 880 sqft
Completion Year : 2016
Civil Engineers : Devmani Construction Pvt Ltd
Photo Credits : Uday Andhare