Posted on: March 21st, 2015 by wp-indigo

The 1000 sq.m site allocated for the project was part of the Verna Industrial Estate in South Goa set amidst an undulating terrain of red earth and laterite mounds.

The program was to build mechanical engineering sheds for boat engine repairs, capable of a 5 tn gantry, storage of spares, general rentable warehousing, in the lower level and administrative offices.

Undulations in the site and adjacent areas presented us with an opportunity to explore the 2 m drop across its shorter axis allowing for two levels of usage with a high plinth. Beyond the mere functional needs, we attempted to address real issues that confronted the site.

Scarcity of regulated water supply by the industrial park were addressed by creating a harvesting tank of about 50,000 lit set within the level drop to offset daily needs of drinking and washing.

Daylighting :
The building was oriented along the east –west axis. This allowed us to bring in daylight through deep positioned horizontal louvers reducing day lighting loads.

Natural materials:
Use of natural exposed laterite in the plinth and loadbearing plastered laterite confined masonry was fused with steel in the structure defined the building vocabulary. The idea was to be as contextually relevant while addressing all pertinent issues and evolve a language that was expressive of our concerns.