The project was to build an occasional retreat amidst a grove of old mango trees measuring about 10 acres. This was part of an industrial campus in Karamsad, Gujarat, which happens to be a very fertile and verdant geographical zone.

The empty spaces in between the mango tree grids of 5m on centers were the locational marker for the site of the house.

Engagement with the trees at the ground level and the shaded vista below its low foliage cover became the determinants to connect the living spaces with the exterior at the ground level.

The private spaces were accessed through and adjunct stair volume and semi open areas with multiple views of the orchard.

Ambivalent nature of open and enclosed spaces was purposeful to achieve an easy connection between the dwelling and its natural setting.

Use of locally procured bricks and stoneware tiles in the flooring further accentuate the ideas mentioned above giving it a very earthy feel.

Client : Karamsad House
Location : Karamsad, Gujarat
Architects : Uday & Mausami Andhare, Indigo, Ahmedabad
Design Team : Uday Andhare, Mausami Andhare, Pragnesh Patel
Consultants : Vatsal Shah, Structural Consultants
Building Area : 450 sq.yd.
Completion Year : 2005
Civil Engineers : Kaushik Prajapati
Photo Credits : Uday Andhare